cargile24 (cargile24) wrote in movie_spectator,

Be Cool

Directed by F. Gary Gray, starring EVERYONE but your mama.
Aside from this being a movie about John Travolta, it really wasn't bad. (what movie doesn't be about John if he's in it?)
I thought that it was hillarious. Really I did. It was fun, the music was good, I was captivated by the scenery, enthralled with the music and unimpressed with the characters. (except The Rock- ha!, oh, and Vince Vaughn...too funny!)
It was good, it's really funny- light hearted and trying for darkness at the same time. It has moments of clarity- but mostly situational humor where if you try to tell your friends funny parts in the movie- no one will 'get it'. See it with someone, it's better that way. :)
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