cargile24 (cargile24) wrote in movie_spectator,

Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton 1999)

Starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. Directed by Tim Burton.
*my opinion*
As with all Tim Burton films, we are transported into a world of dark fantasy, with spooks and ghosts. Dark characters and very little color is what he does best. How we can all be captivated by him over and over again, is a surprise and a good one.
I *love* Tim Burton, ever since 'Beetlejuice'. I've been captured and had my imagination held captive by him and his world.
This film is an interesting look at the old story of 'Ichabod Crane'. This new twist is a great look into the 'Burton past' of America and it's witch hunts. I really enjoyed it, but of course I would- it's Tim Burton.
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