cargile24 (cargile24) wrote in movie_spectator,

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Directed by Scott Derrickson, starring Laure Linney and Tom Wilkinson.
I didn't really care for this one. It wasn't scary, it was fairly boring and I just didn't care for the way the subject matter was presented. To say that GOD would have someone be possessed by demons to lead people to believe in Him sounds a little out there- no no WAY out there. To do things like this and tack on that all important phrase 'based on true events'- is lidicrous. It wasn't good, it was slow, it lagged on and on. It was a bad movie. Don't see it, you can't ever have the 122 minutes of your life back that you will have wasted watching it. This movie gets a negative 2.
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